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First off…free shipping always! The Folly House Bean features coffees that are fruit-forward and sweet with a smooth, bitter-free finish. Through thoughtful selection and careful roasting, we bring out fruit-like flavors and a natural sweetness that jumps out of the cup. This coffee comes in a 12oz whole bean bag with one way valve and resealable zipper to maintain freshness. This style of coffee is the admitted favorite style of owner Folly Rob….some even say that’s why it was made the House Bean. Roasting occurs weekly on Thursdays and orders are shipped within 24 hours of roast


Loma La Gloria Red Bourbon Red Honey

Country of Origin: El Salvador

Processing Method: Red Honey

Variety: Red Bourbon

Farm: Loma La Gloria

Region: El Balsamo Quetzaltepec

Elevation Grown: 1500 masl

This coffee comes from the Loma La Gloria farm in El Salvador owned and operated by Anny Ruth Pimentel. This is our fourth year working with Anny Ruth and for good reason! Loma La Gloria produces some of the finest honey processed coffees we have tasted and this year's lot is no exception. In the honey process, the skin of the coffee cherry is removed, but the pulp remains and is dried. This creates a flavor profile with qualities of both a washed and natural coffee. The resulting cup is complex, with notes of black cherry, plum, and molasses roasted to bring out the best balance of all these qualities.