Sampler Pack

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Drink coffee from Folly Coffee, an award winning Minnesota coffee roaster! The Folly Coffee Sampler Pack contains three 4oz bags of single origin coffee. House Bean, fruit-forward and sweet, Classic Jo, nutty & chocolatey, and Winer, bright and complex. Our specialty coffees are ethically sourced and carefully roasted. As a result, we bring out the best natural flavors in balance for the perfect cup no matter how you brew. Drip coffee, pourover, Chemex, French Press, Aeropress, espresso, try them all!

All our coffees are roast to order. Roasting occurs weekly on Thursdays and orders are shipped within 24 hours of roast


The Folly Coffee Sampler Pack includes 4oz each of the House Bean, Classic Jo, and Winer for a total of 12oz of coffee. To find the current roasts, head to each coffee's page below for more of the single origin coffee details!

House Bean

Classic Jo