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The Folly Winer (pronounced why-ner) is named because it features coffees with a bright, pleasant acidity, like a fine wine. It is sophisticated and complex, like a rubik’s cube wearing a top hat. It is for the adventurous coffee drinker looking for vibrant flavors in their cup. This coffee comes in a 12oz whole bean bag with a one way valve and resealable zipper to maintain freshness.

Roasting occurs weekly on Thursdays and orders are shipped within 24 hours of roast


Colombia Los Naranjos

Altitude: 1750-1950masl

Processing Method: Washed

Variety: Castillo, Caturra, Colombia, Tabi

Farm: Los Naranjos Associaton

This is our second time working with the Los Naranjos Association. The Los Naranjos Association is a group of 52 farmers in Colombia using the most innovative and forward thinking growing and processing techniques to create some of the best coffees coming out of Colombia. This coffee has a natural sweetness, savory undertones, with a bright citrus acidity that lingers on the tongue.