Award Winning Small Batch Coffee. Minnesota Roasted.


Coffee obsessed.

While our team of two is the heart of Folly, there are many fellow coffee obsessed people that play an integral role in Folly Coffee.

Jeff Mooney
Head Roaster & Director of Coffee

Folly Jeff is responsible for all Folly Coffee sourcing, profiling, quality assurance, and roasting. Joining the team in April 2018, Jeff has had a meteoric rise in coffee through passion and education. He is a top 15 coffee taster in the country, a certified Q Grader (think wine sommelier of the coffee world with an equally grueling exam) and was named Head Roaster in April of 2020. Every Folly Coffee you drink is carefully selected, roasted, and tasted by Folly Jeff.

Rob Roaster

Rob Bathe

Formally in craft beer sales, Rob became obsessed with high end specialty coffee when introduced by a coworker. This obsession led to him quitting his job, moving back home to Minnesota, building and eventually launching Folly Coffee. Since the launch in January of 2018, Rob has helped guide the business in forming partnerships with all of the amazing Folly Coffee partners and providing the support to continue to improve and grow effectively while improving quality.

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