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Zero Carbon Footprint

Through the use of solar power produced by solar panels installed outside of the roastery, and geothermal energy produced by geothermal coils installed into the earth, Folly Coffee Roasters has a zero carbon footprint. In Lamen's terms, between the electricity produced by solar energy and the heating capability of the geothermal energy, the only component creating any emissions output is the gas that powers the roaster. However, the energy produced through gas power is offset by the sustainable solar and geothermal power. The geothermal energy is so efficient that it is used to heat/cool Roaster Ken's house and still has enough energy for the roastery. Now for Roaster Ken's technical description below:


Roaster Ken Explains

"Well, there are a couple ways to look at it.  You could say that the whole roastery electric power comes from grid connected solar panels.  Or the one I like is that the solar array is a Qualified Facility for generating a peak of 22.5 kilowatts of A.C. power back to the grid.  The roaster consumes far more b.t.u. of electric power than it uses in L.P. gas. 

The Geothermal Energy coupled with a water to water heat pump is used to do heating and air conditioning and uses 2 to 3 times less electrical power than electrical resistance heating. Currently it is for Ken and Ani's home heating but has enough left over capacity to be used as an even more efficient means to heat and cool the roastery.  You might also mention that any use of geothermal energy allows for more solar energy to go back to the grid.  This whole property has a minus power consumption. It is a lot more complicated than what 99 percent of the population has."