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You spoke, we listened

We are always trying to get better, not only with our coffees but with our service to you. That mission and feedback we received about our coffee subscriptions led to the creation of the Folly Coffee Club! 

Try 'em all

With options for sampler boxes or your favorite individual Folly Coffee every month, Folly Coffee Club is here to end crappy coffee for good! Hit that link and be delicious. 

Coffee's Coffee...right?

Definitely not.

When roasted properly, coffee beans showcase a wide range or flavors. I'm talking blueberries to lemon citrus, floral aromas to dark chocolate, grapefruit acidity to caramel sweetness, and the list goes on! Every bean has a sweet spot that brings out the most flavor without any bitterness of the roast, and this is what we strive for in every batch. We pay well above the Fair Trade minimum prices, only purchase beans from small farms and small farm co-ops, and have full tracebility of every coffee we source so you can be confident about the Folly Coffee you're drinking.

Flavor is key

Instead of trying to achieve consistency of flavor from bean to bean and throughout the year, we highlight the delicious differences in flavor profiles from a range of origins and coffee bean processing methods. We also rotate the origin of each style throughout the year so that we are only roasting the freshest of the fresh (#freshfresh for short).

Which one do I get?

If you're looking for a sweeter coffee with fruit forward notes, House Bean is for you. If you're more of a traditional coffee drinker, the Classic Jo has beans that are nutty and chocolatey. For the more adventurous coffee drinker, the Winer features beans with acidity and complexity. Check the roasting calendar up top to nerd out on all the details and tasting notes!

Featured Products

Fun coffee, delicious people

Da Beans


We select only the choicest, ethically sourced, single origin unroasted beans from the best coffee growing regions in the world. 

Boom, Roasted


We profile each batch of beans and roast at lighter levels to bring out the unique tastes and deliciousness of all our small batch roasts. Bitterness? Nah.

Home Sweet Home


Lightly roasted specialty, single origin coffee based locally in Silver Lake, MN found due west of Minneapolis. Coffee roaster Minnesota born, Minnesota raised dontcha know.

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