What's Folly all about?

Folly Coffee Mission Statement

“Folly Coffee small batch roasts award winning, single origin specialty coffees. We invite all, from the coffee nerd to the everyday coffee drinker, to enjoy our coffees. We work hard at everything we do and are never done getting better. We form partnerships, not transactions. We have fun rooted in a passion for what we do. We are Folly Coffee.”

Minnesota Roasted

Launched in January of 2018, Folly was born by a deep passion for high end specialty coffees and a lot of hard work from scratch. Folly Coffee Roasters is independently owned and operated, roasting all of our small batch coffee in St. Louis Park, MN (just outside of Minneapolis). We started Folly to introduce people to the world of specialty coffee without any of the pretentiousness. Our coffees are among the best in the country and we continue to strive to get better!

Why Is It Called Folly?

So there was this guy James J. Hill. He was a rich railroad guy back in the day. He Funded the building of the iconic Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis. “THIS IS DUMB!” That’s what the people of Minneapolis thought. Why is he building this crazy expensive bridge? It seems pointless. So they dubbed it “Hill’s Folly” (see where this is going?) It wasn’t until the bridge was finished that the value of the bridge was seen and it, in part, helped Minneapolis grow into the amazing city it is today. Take a look at the logo…notice a certain MPLS bridge? Folly also means “a sense of foolishness”, so yeah…that fits perfectly!

Ethical Sourcing

We pay well above fair trade prices for all of our coffees, never roasting commodity grade coffees. Not only does this ensure the coffees you drink are the finest on the market, it also promotes economic sustainability at origin. As we grow, we are continuing to build on our relationships at each of our farming and importing partners. 

Award Winning

Featured in publications such as Daily Coffee News by Roast Magazine, Perfect Daily Grind, MN Monthly Mag, City Pages, Cities 97.1, and Coffeereview.com, Folly Coffee was chosen from among 100s of the nation’s finest roasters as a Good Food Award Winner in 2019. Our coffee has been rated and reviewed as “exceptional” by Coffeereview.com. Our coffee buyer and COO, Jeff Mooney, is a top 15 coffee taster in the country and a certified Q grader (think wine sommelier, but for coffee). Corporate Vision Magazine Winner- Best Online Coffee Retailer Minnesota. We take our coffee seriously so you don’t have to!