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The Best Home Coffee Grinders

The Best Home Coffee Grinder for You

Why a great home coffee grinder is important

Are you a coffee lover? If so, you know the importance of a coffee grinder to brew the best cup at home. Grind size and consistency greatly impacts the flavor of your coffee. Consistent and adjustable grind size gives control while brewing coffee. If a grind is too coarse, it creates sour or overly acidic coffee. If the grind is too fine, it can create bitterness. To achieve the best coffee grind at home, you need a machine that delivers on quality and doesn’t take up too much space in your kitchen. There are many options that balance affordability and quality. We take a look at some of the best home coffee grinders on the market – ones perfect for brewing your Folly Coffee subscription. The most important feature for a quality home coffee grinder are burrs. Blade grinders create inconsistent grind size, leading to sour or bitter flavors in your coffee. Burr grinders create a more consistent grind size and can be adjusted for different sizes for different brewing styles. All the grinders on our list are burr grinders for this reason.  
In this post you’ll find:
  • Our list of the best home coffee grinders ranging in affordability and functionality
  • Features and functions of home coffee grinders
  • Affordable home coffee grinders to improve your daily cup of coffee

Baratza Encore Grinder $139

The Baratza Encore Grinder is our personal favorite at-home coffee grinder – you can ask anyone, but since you’re here, we might as well tell you all about it. This coffee grinder has the perfect dimensions, so it sits neatly in your kitchen or your other favorite brewing spots. As a burr type grinder, it also gives you amazing grind consistency and adjustability at an affordable price. 

Baratza Encore Grinder

Let’s say you like your coffee a certain way, but you are limited by the setting on the grinder; use the dial on the Baratza Encore Grinder to set the grinder for perfect results. It is extremely durable and parts can be replaced as they wear over time. This machine is also the most consistent you will find on the market – If you like what you see, then you can buy one on the Folly Coffee online store.

Fellow – Ode Brew Grinder $299

The Fellow Ode Brew Grinder began life as a Kickstarter campaign; it has both function and style with its compact integrated hopper and large dial on the front, allowing you to adjust the grind. This machine has been made with space-saving in mind, so it’s perfect for smaller kitchens. 

Ode Brew Grinder

The Fellow uses flat burrs that are thought to give more consistency to the grind; there is also a knock trigger at the side to make sure the grinds stay inside the container. It also has a magnetic base and a rubber lid, the innovators of the Fellow, have thought of everything including arguably the best design on this list.  

Cuisinart – Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill $59.95

The Cuisinart Burr Mill coffee grinder is the most budget friendly coffee grinder you can find. This grinder comes in at an affordable price, but gets the job done. For one thing, it has a 200-gram hopper and different settings to increase or decrease the grind’s coarseness, ideal for coffee at home. 

Cuisinart – Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

Although the Burr Mill doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of more expensive home coffee grinders, it does have a few basic extras. See the slider on the top that allows you to set the grind for the number of coffee cups you want – but affordability is going to be the primary feature and benefit of this reliable grinder.  

Breville – Smart Grinder Pro $199.99

Next up, we have the Breville Smart Grinder Pro! From the makers of some of the most popular at home coffee equipment, this burr coffee grinder has many beneficial features to improve your morning coffee experience. The Breville Smart Grinder Pro takes the best features of other grinders on the market and combines them. 

Breville – Smart Grinder Pro

This coffee grinder has a wide range of colors to choose from to fit the style of your home. The stand-out feature of this grinder is the digital display that helps you set and measure the grind time, grind size, and shots. Not only can you set these measurements precisely, but you can monitor them. This grinder gives you professional results in the comfort of your home.

Eureka – Mignon Crono Coffee Grinder $249

The Italian based Eureka is a well-known brand in the world of coffee grinding, and the Eureka Mignon Coffee Grinder is one grinder that delivers style and design. Some people like a discreet coffee grinder that blends in with the kitchen seamlessly, while others like their machine to stand out and show their guests that they know how to grind and brew a luxurious cup of home-ground coffee. 

Eureka – Mignon Crono Coffee Grinder

If you are in the latter camp, then the Eureka Mignon is a good fit for you. This machine stands tall with a glass hopper that lets you see the beans being ground. The grind is quick, so none of the quality is lost, and all of the settings can be adjusted on the handy digital display.

Kruups – Precision Grinder $54.31

The Kruups Precision Grinder is an entry-level burr coffee grinder that’s functional and affordable. This grinder isn’t going to win any prizes for style; in truth, it’s a pretty basic design made of metal and plastic. That said, it is compact and suitable for any kitchen. It lacks some of the precision found in other grinders, and this is reflected in the price. 

Kruups – Precision Grinder

This machine has 17 grind settings that range from fine to coarse and an automatic shutoff for the number of cups. For the price, this grinder is an excellent entry-level coffee machine. The grinder is the first piece of equipment we recommend upgrading to increase the quality of brewing coffee at home. Pair it with one of our favorite automatic home coffee brewers from our blog post here! A great coffee grinder is the first step to amazing coffee at home. For a couple of our favorite brewing methods, check out our French Press recipe, Cold Brew recipe, or Iced Chemex Coffee recipes! Did you know water can affect coffee taste? Check out our blog post here to learn more! Interested in learning more about the Folly Coffee custom coffee subscriptions? Check out our post here

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