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Drink coffee from Folly Coffee, an award winning Minnesota coffee roaster! With this coffee subscription, you receive our fruit-forward and naturally sweet House Bean. The House Bean rotates single origin coffees throughout the year. See below for the current origin.

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Ethiopia Sidama Debela

Processing Method: Natural

Variety: Heirloom Ethiopian

Farm: Various smallholders near Bena, Ethiopia

Region: Sidama

Elevation Grown: 1800-2100 masl

This coffee comes from the Debela washing station in the village of Bensa, Ethiopia. This station processes coffee from over 1,500 local producers. The coffees are picked at peak ripeness and delivered within 8 hours of picking. The natural process involves drying the coffee cherries on raised beds, rotated 3 times a day for ten days for consistent fermentation and flavor. The resulting cup has a sugary mouthfeel with notes of ripe cherry & berry, milk chocolate, and a fruit-forward jasmine aroma.