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Simple Iced Latte, Iced Mocha, and Cold Brew Recipes

Whether you’re a sophisticated coffee aficionado, or a coffee novice looking into new kinds of drinks to try, you’ve probably heard of the term “cold brew” before. The process of making cold brew coffee is simple – it’s just water and grounds that are steeped or “brewed” in the refrigerator or another cold environment over time. The slower brewing process and lower temperatures create a different extraction process that results in a sweeter, lower acidity coffee.

The key first step to great cold brew and cold brew drinks are the coffee beans. For the best coffee beans for cold brew, look for beans that are naturally sweet. The Folly Coffee Cold Brew Bean was selected and roasted to bring out the best natural sweetness for the best tasting cold brew. We also offer a Folly Coffee Cold Brew Bean Subscription so you never run out of delicious cold brew at home! If you like a unique cold brew with fruit-forward berry notes, the House Bean is an excellent option.

Great coffee beans create great cold brew that can be enjoyed on its own, but sometimes it’s fun and delicious to try new cold brew recipes. Folly Coffee has got you covered! Here are some of our favorite simple cold brew recipes to try at home.

Rich Iced Coffee With Cream

If you love the flavor of black coffee, but also enjoy a full-bodied and richer flavor profile, then this one is for you. When you’re looking for something rich and smooth, a rich iced coffee with cream is a simple and delicious way to smooth and sweeten that strong cup of cold brew you’ve been brewing in your fridge.

cold brew with cream

Follow our recipe for how to brew the perfect batch of cold brew at home using our Cold Brew Bean, or your favorite coffee. Often, water is used to dilute cold brew and cold brew concentrate to make the cup more balanced and not overly strong. However, if you want a richer iced coffee, adding cream (half & half, whole milk, heavy cream, or a plant-based milk substitute) in place of water will have the same effect to balance the coffee while adding to the body for a satisfying drink. If you like a sweeter cup, add sugar to taste.

  • 1 part cold brew concentrate to 2 parts cream or
  • 2 parts regular strength cold brew to 1 part cream

Make It Simple Iced Mocha Recipe

The iced mocha is a simple, yet delicious drink that been growing in popularity. A traditional hot mocha is made with espresso, steamed milk, and chocolate syrup. The iced version replaces espresso with cold brew or cold brew concentrate and steamed milk with cold milk. Making a simple iced mocha is easy, quick, and a great way to treat yourself during the summer.

iced mocha

To make an iced mocha, you need cold-brewed coffee, ice, milk or milk substitute, and chocolate syrup. Adjust the ratios of each of the ingredients based on your flavor preferences. Use more chocolate syrup for a sweeter drink. Use more coffee and/or milk for less sweetness. Experiment with different ratios to find your favorite taste!

  • Heat chocolate syrup slightly in microwave to make it easier to mix
  • Add cold brew and cold milk
  • Stir until completely mixed
  • Add ice cubes and stir vigorously until chilled
    • Shake in a cocktail shaker or sealed jar for faster chilling and less dilution

For an extra kick of flavor, add a dash of cocoa powder, malt powder, or cinnamon.

Iced Vanilla Latte Recipe

Making an iced vanilla latte is super easy and customizable. For the best iced vanilla latte, use homemade vanilla syrup using this quick and easy recipe and high-quality coffee like the Folly Coffee Cold Brew Bean for a classic cold brew or House Bean for a more fruit-forward flavor.

vanilla beans

High quality vanilla beans are key to the best tasting homemade vanilla syrup

Much like the iced mocha, the iced vanilla latte replaces espresso and steamed milk with cold brew and cold milk. The recipe is identical to the iced mocha recipe above, but instead of chocolate syrup, replace with vanilla syrup. Adjust the ratios of each for your preferred flavor preferences:

  • Heat vanilla syrup slightly in microwave to make it easier to mix
  • Add cold brew and cold milk
  • Stir until completely mixed
  • Add ice cubes and stir vigorously until chilled
    • Shake in a cocktail shaker or sealed jar for faster chilling and less dilution

If you’re a vanilla and chocolate lover, mix vanilla and chocolate syrup together for a decadent vanilla chocolate iced latte.

Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew Recipe

Pumpkin cream cold brew is one of the most popular cold brew drinks, especially towards the end of Summer and heading into Autumn. If you’re like us, you enjoy it year round! It’s made with pumpkin puree and cream, bringing you that delicious, sweet and spicy combination whenever you want! Simply blend your favorite cold brew with the pumpkin puree, milk, vanilla extract, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cloves (or used a pre-made pumpkin-spice mix).

pumpkin cream cold brew

Click the link above or here for one of our favorite recipes for homemade pumpkin cream cold brew.

Try One (or All) of Our Cold Brew recipes

These are just a few tasty coffee treats that can help you cool down and change up your cold brew routine. Try all of our coffee varieties in your recipes with a Roaster’s Choice Coffee Subscription to our favorite single origin coffees throughout the year!

We love the Toddy Cold Brew System to make the best cold brew concentrate at home. Simple and effective!

Curious about the difference between espresso beans and coffee beans? Check out our blog post.

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