Folly’s Finest Subscription

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Drink coffee from Folly Coffee, an award winning Minnesota coffee roaster with a custom coffee subscription! We are on a mission to constantly push the quality and flavors of the coffees we roast, and Folly’s Finest is the latest in this pursuit.

Folly’s Finest features a rotating single origin coffee selected by Head Roaster Folly Jeff, a certified Q-Grader and nationally ranked coffee taster (forreal, there’s a national competition). Every so often, we taste a sample that knocks our socks off, but due to limited availability, higher price points, or a number of other reasons it doesn’t fit within our existing selections. Folly’s Finest allows us to jump on these opportunities.

This coffee is available in 8oz and 5 pound bags with nitrogen flushing & one way valves to keep the coffee fresh during shipment. Perfect for pourover, Chemex, Aeropress & French Press. Check out the details below for the latest selection by Folly Jeff!

Roasting occurs weekly on Thursdays and orders are shipped within 24 hours of roast.


Ethiopia Banti Nenga

Processing Method: Natural

Variety: Guji, Typica, Heirloom Ethiopian Varieties

Farm: Banti Nenga

District: Hambela Wamena, Guji

Altitude: 2100 masl

It is fitting that the first release of Folly’s Finest comes from the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia. The red brown soil and high altitude of Banti Nenega provide ideal growing conditions for exquisite coffees. The natural processing brings out berry notes of black currant and blackberry, but carefully monitored fermentation creates balance and complexity, allowing lavender floral aromas and white peach notes to shine through. Aklilu Kassa is a fourth-generation coffee professional in Ethiopia and the expertise is evident when tasting this coffee.