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There’s just nothing like starting your day with a cup of Joe. It’s not just about getting in your caffeine for the day, it goes further than that. That cup of morning coffee is the ritual that gets the whole day started on the right foot. There’s something so fresh, so invigorating about opening up your coffee, taking in the rich aroma of the beans, and getting it prepared to brew. The morning feels so colorful, calmer when you have your first cup of coffee. But this immediately turns sour if you don’t have any coffee left. Then your morning is going to be dull and gray. Coffee is one of those household essentials that every kitchen has in stock, or at least needs to have in stock. Since this is a key component for every morning ritual, it’s important to avoid any bleak scenarios where there isn’t coffee in the kitchen. So how can something like this be avoided? By getting yourself a Minnesota Coffee Subscription of course! Everybody has their own preferences when it comes to their coffee. Coffee is something that you just have to get just right in order to truly enjoy it. This includes so many factors such like your preferred flavor profile, the country of origin, roast level, and coffee brewing method. A custom coffee subscription is going to give you just that. You’ll have an array of options to find exactly what you’re looking for. These special coffee deliveries are one of the best ways to keep yourself well-stocked and to save money. It gives you the opportunity to try out something new you’d never try before with a coffee subscription Minneapolis roasted. Getting to expand your palette is always fun because it gives you the chance to discover new and interesting flavors thanks to your local Minnesota coffee subscription. So sit down, relax, because today, we’re going to tell you about Folly Coffee, one of the Minnesota Coffee Roasters, and the best coffee Twin Cities has to offer.

Classic Jo Coffee Subscription

Package of classic Jo
For all of you old-school coffee lovers out there, this one’s for you. It’s like going back to the basics, but elevated. This Minnesota Coffee Roasters subscription is award-winning!  The Classic Jo is the most popular coffee that Folly Coffee has to offer, and with good reason too. It has a nutty and chocolatey taste to it. Smelling the Classic Jo beans will transport you back to your childhood, where you first began to smell coffee in the morning during your parent’s breakfast. It will take you back to the first time you ever tried coffee. Going back to the basics is special, it makes you feel like you’re trying something again for the first time. So if this is something that you’d like to experience then this coffee subscription Minneapolis is the right one for you.

Folly’s Finest Coffee Subscription

Package of Folly's Finest
Why not indulge in the finer things in life by treating yourself to Folly’s Finest. Even the finer things don’t have to be over-priced. You can count on this coffee delivered to be fantastic and affordable. What makes Folly’s Finest so fine? Well, this coffee features a rotating single-origin coffee which is selected by the Head Roaster, Folly Jeff.  Folly Jeff is a certified Q-Grader, and he’s a nationally ranked coffee taster in the US Cups Taster’s Championship!  The coffees in Folly’s Finest rotate based on the freshest coffee crops and Folly’s Jeff’s favorite samples. Folly’s Finest has to really blow away the Head Roaster in order for it to be picked as Folly’s Finest. But, it’s also important to keep in mind that there’s usually limited availability for the finer things in life, and that’s going to include finer coffees too. The rotating offerings are limited due to the selection of smaller and higher end lots You can always expect new flavors and smells when getting Folly’s Finest.  Want to know one of the best parts? You’re also getting to taste the world! If you like luxury and surprise then this one’s for you.  Folly’s Finest is available in two different sizes: an 8oz bag and a 5-pound bag. The coffee bags use nitrogen flushing and a one-way valve. This will ensure that your coffee stays completely fresh during the shipment. Folly’s Finest is perfect for pour-over, Chemex, Aeropress, and the French Press.

Roaster’s Choice Coffee Subscription

Lineup of Folly Coffee Packages
Want to leave your coffee selection of your Minnesota Coffee Subscription up to our head roaster? Getting to try curated favorites from the Head Roaster himself is only going to guarantee you nothing but the best. In this coffee subscription, Folly Jeff selects his favorite Folly rotating on a monthly basis. Try every Folly Coffee throughout the year with the Roaster’s Choice. The origins of Folly Coffee rotate throughout the year, so you’re going to be met with new flavors and countries of origin all year long. You can expect that every month will be something new for you to try out. So why not treat yourself to something nice? This can be fully customized to your preferences and coffee drinking habits. Meaning that you can pick the size of coffee you like, from 12 oz to 5 pounds, and choose the frequency so you never run out. You can choose weekly, biweekly, or monthly coffee deliveries. You also save money with higher frequency shipments.

 Sampler Pack Coffee Subscription

folly coffee sampler pack
Do you want to try three different types of Folly Coffee with every subscription delivery? If so, the Sampler Pack Subscription is exactly what you need. This award-winning Minnesota coffee sampler pack offers three 4oz bags of single-origin coffee. This means that you get to try a few of the best coffees that we at Folly have to offer. So what does the Coffee Sampler Subscription contain? Well, you get the House Bean, which is sweet and hints of fruit flavors, Classic Jo, which contains a nutty-chocolate taste and Winer, a bright coffee with pleasant acidity.  Because we rotate the origins of the coffee throughout the year, you get to try new coffees from around the world from the freshest coffee harvests. This still gives you the chance to swap aromas and flavors while still indulging in flavors you’re going to be most comfortable with. What’s the best brewing method for the Sampler Pack? Well…all of them! You can use a drip coffee maker, Chemex, pour-over, AeroPress, espresso, and a French press. When it comes to the Sampler Pack, you have unlimited options on how you choose to brew your coffee!

House Bean Coffee Subscription

House Bean package
Looking for something that’s a little sweet and fruit-forward? Then the House Bean just may be exactly what you’re looking for. This bean is naturally sweet and is guaranteed to have an aroma that you’ll just fall in love with. Just like many other flavors at Folly’s the House Bean rotates single-origin coffees throughout the year. Currently, the House Bean comes from Ethiopia, and it’s naturally processed meaning that it’s perfect for the House Bean. Just like all the other beans from Folly Coffee, the House Bean is also ethically sourced.

Winer Coffee Subscription

Miner Coffee being poured
The Winer (pronounced as why-ner), is one of the award-winning coffees from Folly Coffee. This is carefully roasted, as a third wave style light roast. This then results in the coffee having a very bright complexity with unique flavors. All of our coffee is sourced ethically and the Winer is no different. If you like pleasant acidity to balance out the sweetness of your coffee, this coffee is for you. The Winer makes excellent flash brewed iced coffee. Check out how to make your own here

Cold Brew Bean Coffee Subscription

Cold Brew package
A crowd favorite of the year-round cold coffee drinkers would hands-down be the Cold Brew Bean. We roast this coffee to bring out the best natural sweetness of the coffee, perfect for making the best tasting cold brew. The idea of making your own cold brew at home sounds a little difficult right? Well, it doesn’t need to be anymore! Skip out on those grocery store visits and make your own with the Cold Brew Bean subscription from Folly Coffee! All you need to do is grind it up fresh, brew it cold, and then soak up that warm summer sun! Learn how to make the best cold brew at home with our blog post An additional plus to the Cold Brew Bean would be the fact that this also tastes incredible when it’s hot as well.

SOB Espresso Subscription

SOB Espresso Package
SOB? No! It’s not what you think! It stands for “Single Origin Blend” of course. The Folly SOB Espresso is a one-of-a-kind coffee that has its own completely unique flavors. You’re guaranteed to not find anything like this anywhere else! The Folly SOB Espresso is a special invention created by Head Roaster Folly Jeff. We wanted to have a single origin espresso that had the traditional flavor profile. To do this, we take a single-origin coffee and dark roast a portion just before the second crack in the roast profile. Afterward, we roast the remaining portion lighter, then blend them back together. This creates a one-of-a-kind single-origin blend that gives SOB Espresso its name.  Folly SOB Espresso is perfect for… you guessed it, espresso! But you can also use this unique blend for drip coffee, the French Press, and an AeroPress as well. How’s the taste of the SOB Espresso? The unique roast and blend process creates a a flavor with a complex array of flavors such as caramel and nougat. The aroma is guaranteed to fill up your house, leaving it to smell like an old fashion coffee shop for hours. So how often can the best coffee of the Twin cities arrive at your doorstep? Well, you have two sizing options to choose from, the 12oz or the 5-pound bag. Afterward, you can pick how often you want your coffee such as weekly, biweekly, or even monthly. Thanks to this reliable coffee subscription, you’ll never have to worry about running out of coffee ever again.

Get Your Coffee Delivered with Folly Coffee!

Here at Folly Coffee, there is always free shipping! That’s right, not only are you getting free shipping with every subscription but you’re also saving money by subscribing (5% to 15%). Each bag comes with nitrogen flushing and one-way valves to keep the coffee fresh during shipment. No matter where you live in the US, you can count on Folly for delivering nothing but the freshest coffee. Check out all our subscription options here! The next step after amazing coffee beans is a great home coffee grinder. Check out our blog post here for our favorites Interested in the coffee the coffee roasting business? Learn more about the a Wholesale Coffee Roaster vs. Coffee Shop Interested in learning more about the coffee roasting industry? Check out one of our favorite resources Perfect Daily Grind
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